Blogging was always something I never really understood. 

Do people actually devotedly follow and read all these blogs you find on almost every single Instagram profile?  What could all these people possibly be writing about?  Does anyone even read them?  

Over time I found myself clicking the links and reading for hours, even looking forward to the next blog post.

Well, dang. I get it now.

I enjoy grabbing a coffee or glass of wine (or three) and reading a good blog, but what made me want to start my very own? 

Well, it stems back to the little world of social media, particularly Instagram. 

Instagram has really become a big part of my life.  I was embarrassed to admit this to myself for a long time and did not want to be ‘that’ girl, but I am learning to embrace it. 

I have met some really great people through Instagram that I would not have otherwise met, I stay in touch with friends and acquaintances I don’t see every day, have had the surreal experience of connecting with some celebrities and even scored myself a few financially rewarding gigs as a Rep for some of my favourite companies!  (who, of course, I will blog about later.)  

I have made countless purchases from unique shops and also had the opportunity to collaborate with many of them too.

Instagram opened my eyes.  I realized it was so much more than posting a filter-covered photo and waiting for likes.  It is a whole array of communities, whether it be #fitness, #shopsmall, #vegan, #bloggers, etc.  It is full of inspiring people! 

That being said, it is also full of internet trolls and people commenting ‘yummy’ on a photo of my dog.  But let’s try to focus on the good.  

I have never been one for the spotlight and at times, possibly one of the most awkward people you might know.  I literally turn red if someone looks at me.  Tell me I’m pretty and I may just get uncomfortable and walk away. 

I also happen to spend the majority of the time behind the camera, so it was a strange feeling snapping shots of myself while promoting the companies I Rep for, but I am slowly starting to get the hang of it.  The self-timer function on my camera has become my best friend. Selfies are a lot harder than they look. 

I can’t say I no longer feel self-conscious about every post I click ‘share’ on or have stopped worrying about the number of likes or followers I have.  But I can honestly say likes and followers aren’t everything.  It’s about genuinely engaging and interacting and get this… being SOCIAL on social media!  

Which doesn’t include commenting or following someone just to get a follow back, but doing it because you are actually interested.

While I do look for that perfect selfie-worthy lighting and make sure the angle is just right (because well, I’m human and humans are vain), I have fun with my hashtags, don’t take captions too seriously and am loving finding my personal photography style.

My new mind set: if someone doesn’t like what I post, they can unfollow me - and that’s fine! 

I have put myself out there, stepped outside of my comfort zone and am kind of proud of it.

So what’s one more challenge, right?

With all this new found empowering, #girlboss, don’t give an ‘eff’ attitude,  I decided to start a blog. 

Unlike most things in my life, I didn’t get overly excited and impulsively start blogging.  I did some research, reached out to established bloggers and put some thought into it.   Then, I sat on a few posts for a while before actually having the courage to publish it. 

And now I guess I am doing this.  



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Surreal Celebrity Moment:  Gifting Brendan Schaub (left) a pair of handmade leggings for his son.