Table for Two 

Table for Two 

I personally love a nice dinner out at a quaint local restaurant, overpaying for a glass of wine.  Unfortunately, my boyfriend does not. 

He is what one might call a ‘home-body’ and claims I apparently cook so well that there is no need to pay for a meal we could have just as well made at home together.  Add the fact we could be pairing that delicious meal with an entire bottle of wine for the price of that one glass of wine at a restaurant and a dinner out is just simply not on his list of things to do. 

After finally biting the bullet and booking a much anticipated month long vacation to Bali in the New Year, inevitably our water main burst and we found ourselves with a hefty bill depleting our trip fund.  Of course.

I was starting to see his way of thinking.

In need of a nice evening but also keeping in mind his love for the comfort of our own home and this new frugal side of mine, ‘Date Night In’ was born.  

We set a day and cleared the evening.  It happened to be a boring old Tuesday.

A typical evening around our house includes me instantly changing into comfy clothes after coming home from the office, while he wanders around shirtless. 

He definitely gets the short end of the stick here.  So I decided to step up my game. 

I pulled out my push-up bra, squeezed into my tightest, most revealing little black dress and even shaved my legs.  And he even picked out a collared shirt to wear. 

While he marinated steaks, I picked up a bottle of bubbly and a delicious looking dessert (which turned out to not be all that delicious).

The table was set with our best dinnerware including cloth napkins and crystal.  Usually we are more of a sit at the coffee table with paper towel kind of couple.  

We listened to old school rap, got a little tipsy and made inappropriate jokes all in the comfort of our own home. 

We got all dressed up and acted fancy, while never waiting on a single beverage. 

If we wanted that second glass of wine, we simply got it.  We didn’t scour the room, eye-stalking our server as they went around to every other table but ours.

‘We ordered before they even sat down, how did they get their food first?’ was never once muttered. 

The only down fall was the clean-up.  But luckily for me, he handled that.

I think he may be onto something with this whole not leaving your house thing.  We work so hard to make our home just right, so why not enjoy it?   It doesn’t just have to be the place where you binge watch Netflix and do never ending cleaning.    

'Date Night In' was just what I needed.