Remember when I shared what I thought your friends without kids want you to know on Ashley Degraaf's blog? [ here: http://www.ashleydegraaf.com/wegotthis/2016/11/19/your-friends-without-kids-want-you-to-know ]  

Well today, Nicole McKenna shares 'what your friends with kids might want you to know... '

1. We Haven't Forgotten About You

Yes, our lives look different than they did when we would bond over vodka shots and who hooked up with who last night, BUT it doesn't mean we don't think of you in between diaper changes and sanitizing breast pump parts. If anything, we reminisce about our carefree adventures even more. 

2. We Feel Bad We Are So Distracted

We are either chasing after a toddler, breastfeeding, changing diapers, juggling or disciplining our kids ALL the while trying to fully engage in every detail about your latest promotion at work or your upcoming trip to Mexico. We want to give you our full attention, its just almost impossible. So trust me when I say we feel really, really, bad. 

3. We Want You To Acknowledge Us

We know our children light up a room - we fully understand that their chubby checks and ear to ear grins are much more exciting than our day 6 of dry shampoo'd hair - but once in a while it feels nice to see you get excited to see us too. Its not a competition with our kids (duh) but it can feel like we don't even exist. 

4. We Want You To Treat Us The Same

Our whole world is different; the way we view things, the way we feel and the way we think. Our whole existence changed in an instant - but your old pal is still here! Our lives don't look the same and we LOVE being parents; but we also loved our lives before the stork stopped by. Sometimes we need time to sit around, drink a bottle of wine and engage in the seemingly meaningless conversation we once had. Its really important for parents to have 'non parent' time. Whose better to do it with, than you?

5. We Want You To Invite Us Out Still

Even though we are pretty likely to decline, we still want to be included. It can be really isolating when a lot of your friends are childless and we are stuck at home another night staring at the baby monitor wondering when the next time your boob leach is going to wake up, and our besties are out sipping craft beer and listening to live music. We are not staying at home all the time because we aren't cool anymore (wait, maybe it is). We appreciate every time you reach out to us, even if we decline due to our minis.  

6. We LOVE When You Come To Us For Advice

Hello, we're moms now - advice givers, great listeners and passionate about sharing our experiences (even when we swear we will never be 'that kind of mom'). Thinking about kids in the future? Wondering if pooping during labour is a myth? Curious about any of it? ASK US! You will never find a mom who won't take the floor for a couple hours sharing every single detail about their experience. We feel really important and needed when our childless friends take an interest in sharing this with us.

7. We Can Feel Jealous Of You

You booked a last minute trip to Fiji? For 6 months? Quit your job on the spot? Saved 7,000 dollars in 3 months? Went braless and your boobs didn't touch your belly button or fall out the arm holes? 

We love you and your adventures. We love our kids and our adventures. But sometimes - we feel jealous. We're more than likely to be tired, not recently bathed, irritatingly routined and handcuffed to our kidlets.

It's the old saying - "Ya don't know whatcha got 'till its gone." I don't actually know who said that, but it works here. Would we be sitting in the seat beside you on that flight across the world, or dancing on the tables of the bars every weekend; maybe not. But it still can make us feel jealous that you are. Again friend, we love you and want you to explore, live and be happy. Because we are too; we just look different doing it. 

I think we can all agree that whichever way you slice it, when one of your friends becomes a parent, it changes everything.  


About the blogger:  Nicole McKenna is a new mom, with an old soul; who questions everything over at www.ourlittleladyd.blogspot.ca.  She is also preparing to launch her very own women's and children's clothing line called the Tuck & P Collection.  Watch for it coming soon!

Instagram:  @tuckandpcollection  +  @dawsonsmum